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Matisse Silk Scarf

Matisse Silk Scarf

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Matisse Silk Scarf - or adding a piece of Art to your wardrobe ! Around your neck, as a belt or in your hair - the Matisse Silk Scarf has it all and will transform your outfit!

Matisse is made using Natural Habotai Silk and naturally dyed with wilted flowers & food waste ( like you we hate wasting stuffs!) 

  • Vibrant colors & texture to match with any of your spring outfits!
  • 90 cm x 90 cm
  • Perfect to wear around your neck or as a headwrap!
  • Habotai Silk
  • Lightweight 
  • Large size
  • Made in England, UK
  • Hem hand rolled
  • Naturally dyed, dried and sewn in Julie's atelier
  • Wrapped in a recycled tissue paper 
  • Limited Batch - only 5 available



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