Our Sustainability Commitment

Better & Fair Fashion should not be complicated, you feel me? 

Inseparable makes it simple to get up, dress up and wear fun, guilt free accessories to feel glam all day long without hurting the planet or the people that made it ( We have no Rana Plaza here, just Mum and I working from our sweet home) !

We commit:

To be transparent about our process ( from the sourcing to the making, you will be that little mouse inside our studios) 

To use sustainable, recycle or natural fabric

To use natural dyes which are flowers, plants, food waste or natural ingredients (locally sourced!) 

To use recycled resin to make our resin jewelry 

To make timeless pieces to help accessorizing your outfits ( and never making it boring!)

To always reutilize our resources

And the least but not last To always create with passion, fun and loads of Love with our little hands!!!