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Tie Dye Pink Scrunchie

Tie Dye Pink Scrunchie

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The Tie Dye Pink Scrunchie is a powerful statement piece to break the code and add more bright colours throughout the season!

  • Sustainably handmade in Kent, UK.
  • Using the highest silk quality - 100% Mulberry silk.
  • Naturally dyed with Sappanwood in my kitchen
  • Pink  colour with a tie dye design
  • 2 turns – to do all your hairstyles!
  • Wrapped in a lovely satin pouch bag

As all our items are handmade/made to order and using different processes ( including drying which can take up to a day or two to ensure quality & longevity). Please allow 1 to 2 weeks for the making and sending of your items.

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